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Don  Patton  Biography

Don began  his  college education  at  Florida College
studying  Bible,  then spent  two years each  at Austin
Peay State University and Purdue University studying
Geology, and two years studying Education at Pacific
School  of Graduate Studies in  Melbourne,  Australia. 
He received his Ph. D. in Education on 12-10-93.

Don has worked as a Geologist in the U. S.,  Canada,
Australia,  England,  Mexico,  Peru, Bolivia, and Israel. 
He engaged in dinosaur excavations in Canada, Utah,
Colorado,  Wyoming, and  Texas.   In fact, the longest
dinosaur trail in North America was uncovered by Don
in the Paluxy River of Glen Rose, Texas. 

Don has lectured at ten Universities and two colleges including  Texas A & M, the  Universities of Central
Arkansas, Souuthwestern Missouri, Louisiana State, and Florida College.  Don has conducted about 250
Creation/Evolution  Seminars in the last 25 years,  participated in numerous debates,  appearing on radio
and television.  Three times Don has testified before the Texas State Textbook Committee in  Austin, TX.

He is a member of the Geological Society of America and spoke at their 1997 annual convention.  Don is a member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, the National Speleological Society, and an Honored Member of both Strathmore's and the International "Who's Who."   Currently, he is Chairman of Metroplex Institute of Origin Science, a Consulting Geologist and Partner in the Mazada Corp. of Dallas, Texas, and Staff Geologist for the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas.
10010 Kenwanda Drive
Snohomish, WA, 98296
Phone:  360-652-6009