Truth on Disc
Larry  Haverstock  Biography

Larry Haverstock  was born in 1952 and spent his early years in  Hawthorne, 
California.   Raised in the  Roman Catholic church, he attended St. Joseph's Catholic school for grades 1 - 7.    The family moved to  Rolling Hills Estates, California in 1965.  Larry then graduated from Miraleste High School in 1970.  He joined the  Army in Sept. of 1970, and volunteered for Airborne, Recondo,
and Special Forces Ranger training as well as serving the military as a radio
teletype operator and mail clerk.
While stationed at Fort Lewis in Tacoma, Washington, and keeping a personal vow, Larry read the entire Bible in the first five months of 1973 and was subsequently baptized into Christ by Leonard Woods of the Lakeview Church of Christ on February 11th, 1973.   Encouraged by the fine saints there,  he enrolled in the  Bear Valley School of Preaching  (now called the  Bear Valley  Bible Institute of Denver)  and moved
to Denver, Colorado so as to attend classes in  September, 1973.   Larry met  Donna Jean Fox there one Sunday morning in a  Bible class and,  after completing  Bear Valley's two year course,  they married and moved to Kirkland, WA,  to began  5 years of study with  Lowell Williams of the Kirkland Church of Christ.
In 1976, Daryl Johnson and Larry were asked by the elders to  manage the tape recording of all classes. Daryl wisely saw that  "reel-to-reel" tapes had no future and suggested that all recording be done on the  relatively  new format of  audio cassettes.   They purchased equipment, rewired the building,  began the task of recording and distributing all classes taught in Kirkland, an activity which continues to this day.   
In March of 1980, Larry began preaching for the Smokey Point church of Christ, and in January of 1981 moved into the  Arlington, Washington  area  where he lived and  worked with that church  for 27 years. In addition to preaching and in order to continue that work,  Larry delivered mail for  14 years,  spent six years  operating a  ladder & climbing equipment business,  three years as a driving instructor,  and  two years selling dairy feed.  He and Donna also raised two fine and faithful sons who shared not only their
faith, but also a love of flying.  They purchased a Cosmos Trike (an ultralight aircraft) in 1997.  Larry then became a flight instructor and Donna also flew until June of 2004 when they sold the plane.
Larry started  "Truth On Tape"  in 1976 and changed the name to  "Truth On Disc"  in 2003 when CD's and DVD's were added to the catalog and the  massive work of  remastering all of the tapes into digital
formats began.   Greatly impressed with the knowledge and abilities of  Lowell Williams, Larry, in 1986, began commuting  80 miles to video tape as many as  five of  Lowell's classes per week so there might be  both  an audio and  video record of these  superb sermons and  classes.   This effort lasted  seven years and resulted in a complete video taped commentary of the Bible.   

In July of 2006 Larry accepted the preaching responsibilities for the Kirkland church and returned to the
people who had meant so much to him and his family for thirty-one years.  Once again he set himself to the task of upgrading and reconfiguring the recording system so that soon all of Kirkland's sermons and classes will be recorded for both CD and DVD distribution.  
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