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Art  Ogden  Biography

Arthur M. Ogden was born November 24, 1932, in Winchester,
Kentucky, to  Max and Della Ogden just  six weeks prior to the famed  Neal-Wallace debate.  Art's father helped arrange that debate and  Foy Wallace, Jr.  lodged with the  Ogden's during the week-long discussion. According to his mother (and due to a good old fashioned case of colic)  little Arthur gave  Wallace even more trouble than Neal.
Following his father's footsteps,  Arthur began preaching in the spring of 1951 near Scottsville, Kentucky.  Later that spring he graduated from High School in  Monticello, KY.  Then, that fall, Art moved to  Temple Terrace, FL, where he began four years of study at Florida Christian College.  During his FCC years he preached as needed at various congregations in the area.
On Feb. 19, 1955, Art married Florina Virginia Brown, a fellow student at FCC.
Sept. 1955 – July 1958     Christopher, IL               
July 1958 – April 1961  West Frankfort, IL         
May 1961 – Nov. 1962      Live Oak, FL           
Nov. 1962 – Aug. 1967 Somerset, KY (Bourne Ave)
Sept. 1967 – May 1969Loveland, OH                
May 1969 – July 1984  Somerset, KY (Southside)  
Aug. 1984 – Oct. 1987 Louisville, KY (Valley Station)
Nov. 1987 – April 1998 Somerset, KY (Southside)  
Throughout 1999Hazeldale & Bethel
Jan. 2000 – Sept. 2000Hazeldale
Following four years of college, Arthur preached for churches of Christ in numerous places.  Here is a list of the congregations he worked with and the general dates of his work with them:
Throughout 1999 he continued to gain strength and work with these congregations.  Beginning in January, 2000, Art worked full-time with just the Hazeldale congregation, preaching both on  Sundays and Wednesday evenings.   Art's  last sermon was preached there on  Sunday night, September 10, 2000.

Arthur M. Ogden passed away on Tuesday, September 19, 2000. 
His funeral was conducted on Friday, September 22.
Most of his preaching years were spent with the  Bourne Avenue and  Southside congregations in Somerset, Kentucky. In addition to these efforts Art held numerous Gospel meetings in many states, mostly east of the Mississippi River, and preached thousands of times on the radio.

Many times through the years he lectured on the book of Revelation.   In 1985 his commentary on that book,  THE AVENGING OF THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS,  was first printed.  He later prepared a workbook for studying the Apocalypse. He also wrote, THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE NEW TESTAMENT, a study of the Holy Spirit's work in revealing the truth in both oral and written form.
On April 3, 1998, Art was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  He remained in the hospital for three weeks before going home to begin chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Doctors felt
he had a very few weeks to live.  In spite of their prognosis,  he survided the treatments and began to slowly improve.  By Thanksgiving,  1998, he had improved enough to preach again. Beginning Jan. 1, 1999, Art preached two Sundays every month with each of the Bethel and Hazeldale congregations, country churches near his home in Somerset, Kentucky.
Art's son, Alex, continues his father's work and may be contacted through his website. 
Various books and other materials may be purchased there at Ogden's  Biblical  Resources.
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