1997  Miller  Avenue  Lectures,  San Jose,  California
Theme:  "Crowning Christ"   Featuring   Tack Chumbley
  Sermons by Tack Chumbley
  1.  God Help The Outcast
  2.  The Possible
  3.  Great Faith
  4.  The Rock That Is Christ
  5.  Matthew 24
  6.  The Impossible
  7.  The Faith Of Noah
  8.  The Book Of The Lamb
  9.  He Loves Me So
10.  More Love To Thee Oh God
11.  And With Him Bear A Part
12.  Grace
Sermons by Various Other Preachers  
1. The Birth Of Jesus (Jim Tope)
2. John, The Forerunner (Don Alexander)
3. The Sermon On The Mount (Jeff Young)
4. John's Question (Randy Hoff)
5. The Transfiguration (Ted Wilson)