1995  Miller  Avenue  Lectures,  San Jose,  California
Theme:  "Changeless Truth"   Featuring   Pete Wilson & Lowell Williams
  Sermons by Pete Wilson
  1.  God Has Spoken
  2.  What Can God's Word Do #1
  3.  What Can God's Word Do #2
  4.  The Value Of God's Word
  5.  The Promises Of God's Word
  6.  Victorious Faith By God's Word
  7.  Changing Time - Changeless Truth
  8.  Freedom Of Choice
  9.  Saving Our Unborn Children
10.  Homosexuality
11.  Save Our Children
12.  What Makes God Angry
Sermons by Various Other Preachers 
1. Changeless Prophecies (Ernie Sprinkle)
2. Changeless Kingdom (Brent Willey)
3. Changeless King (Zach Echols)
  Sermons by Lowell Williams
  1.  The Devil Hath Spoken
  2.  The Power Of The Devil
  3.  Slowly Leaving The Wonderful Word
  4.  Value Of The Devil And Darkness
  5.  Promise Of The Devil And Darkness
  6.  Conquering The Devil And Sin
  7.  The Devil And Sin
  8.  You Will Pay The Price
  9.  The Deceitfulness Of Sin
10.  Six, Yes, Seven Things God Hates
11.  How To Escape Sin And The Devil
12.  What Makes The Devil Angry
  Sermons by Various Other Preachers   
  4. Changeless Judgment (John Troke)
  5. Changeless Destiny (David Posey)