1992  Miller  Avenue  Lectures,  San Jose,  California
Theme:  "God's Power To Save"   Featuring   John Clark  &  Ken Chumbley
  Sermons by John Clark
  1.  Success Story For Saints
  2.  Simon Says
  3.  The Coming And Going Of Jesus
  4.  The Problem Of Evil
  5.  Super-Superlatives In Ephesians
  6.  The Secret Of Joy
  7.  Christ And Christians
  8.  The Husband / Wife Relationship
  9.  Why Marriages Fail
10.  Lessons For Living Ecclesiastes
11.  The Parent / Child Relationship
12.  The Training Of Children
Sermons by Various Other Preachers  
1. Prophecy (Lalo Enriquez)
2. Spiritual Gifts (Michael Rankins)
3. Resurrection (Drake Bassett)
  Sermons by Ken Chumbley
  1.  Return To The Past
  2.  Apologetics: Arguments And Proof
  3.  Apologetics: The Documents
  4.  Apologetics: The Evidence
  5.  Apologetics: Inspiration And Canon
  6.  Apologetics: What Unbelievers Believe
  7.  Getting Down To Basics
  8.  The Way Of The Cross
  9.  The Wilderness Offensive
10.  How Essential Are Pots And Pans?
11.  Restoring The Church Of Christ
12.  The Garden Of Agony
  Sermons by Various Other Preachers
  4. Common People (Lindy McDaniel)
  5. Human Weakness (Steve Mahan)