1991  Miller  Avenue  Lectures,  San Jose,  California
Theme:  "Bible Basics"   Featuring   Tommy Poarch  &  Paul Earnhart
  Sermons by Tommy Poarch
  1.  Lord, Teach Us To Pray
  2.  Praying To The Father
  3.  Prayer And Intercession
  4.  Prayer Without Ceasing
  5.  God's Will & Our Will In Prayer
  6.  Praying And Abiding In God
  7.  Is It A Sin To Not Pray?
  8.  Edification In Apostolic Authority
  9.  Edification In Self-Sacrifice
10.  Edification In Love
11.  Edification In God's Gifts
12.  Edification In Peace
13.  Edification In Judgement
Sermons by Various Other Preachers  
1. Noah (Ken Marrs)
2. Joseph (Mike Wilk)
3. Habakkuk (Bart Campbell)
  Sermons by Paul Earnhart
  1.  The Promise Of Accountability
  2.  The Promise Of Redemption
  3.  The Promise Developed In Abraham
  4.  The Promise Re-Emphasized In David
  5.  The Promise Realized In Jesus
  6.  The Promise To Return
  7.  The New Promise
  8.  The Pattern For Divine Authority
  9.  The Pattern For The Lord's Church
10.  The Pattern For True Worship
11.  The Pattern For A Godly Life
12.  The Pattern For The Family
13.  The Pattern For Evangelizing The World
  Sermons by Various Other Preachers   
  4. Esther (Mel Rose)
  5. Moses (Berry Kercheville)
  6. David (Rick Amick)