1990  Miller  Avenue  Lectures,  San Jose,  California
Theme:  "Praise The Lord"   Featuring   Maury Estes  &  Jim Ward
  Sermons by Maury Estes
  1.  Praise God: For Marriage
  2.  Praise God: I Am A Husband
  3.  Praise God: I Am A Wife
  4.  Praise God: We Are Parents
  5.  Praise God: We Are Children
  6.  Praise God: We Are A Family
  7.  Praise The Lord: He Is God
  8.  Praise The Lord: He Has Spoken
  9.  Praise The Lord: Showing Us How
10.  Praise The Lord: His Sacrifice
11.  Praise The Lord: My Father
12.  Praise The Lord: His Peace
13.  Praise God In Being All I Can Be
Sermons on the Church by Various Other Preachers  
1. Fulness Of Christ (Randy Hilburn)
2. The Reconciled (Larry Haverstock)
3. Manifesting God's Wisdom (Dave Posey)
  Sermons by Jim Ward
  1.  Redemption: The Unity Of Bible
  2.  Redemption: Old & New Covenants
  3.  Redemption: Science & Scripture
  4.  Redemption: Promise To Abraham
  5.  Redemption: Fulfilled Prophecy
  6.  Redemption: God's Purpose
  7.  Praise God In Worship
  8.  Failure To Praise God
  9.  Praise-Filled Sheep
10.  Praise-Filled Imitators
11.  Praise-Filled And Saved
12.  Praise-Filled And Broken-Hearted
13.  Praise-Filled Peacemakers

4. Unity of the Church  (Ted Wilson)
5. Mission of the Church  (Dale Hendrix)
6. Completeness of Church (Mark Kercheville)