1989  Miller  Avenue  Lectures,  San Jose,  California
Theme:  "Qualities of God"   Featuring   Rodney Miller
  Sermons by Rodney Miller
  1.  Qualities of God: Suffering
  2.  Qualities of God: Mercy
  3.  Qualities of God: Jealousy
  4.  Qualities of God: Faithfulness
  5.  Qualities of God: Redemption
  6.  Slipping Away From God
  7.  Emotions: Emotionalism in Religion
  8.  Emotions: Grief
  9.  Emotions: Loneliness
10.  Emotions: Love
11.  Emotions: Jealousy
12.  Emotions: Depression
  Sermons by Various Other Preachers
  1.  I Am  (Bob West)
  2.  The Way  (Bill Fling)
  3.  The Truth  (Mike Nelson)
  4.  The Good Shepherd  (David Moyer)
  5.  The Light Of The World  (John Mulligan)
  6.  The King  (Mike Stepke)
  7.  The Resurrection & Life  (Clyde Wilson)