1988  Miller  Avenue  Lectures,  San Jose,  California
Theme:  "He Lifted Me"   Featuring   Dee Bowman  &  Ed Harrell
  Sermons by Dee Bowman
  1.  Church: The Reign of Christ
  2.  Church: Origin & Definition
  3.  Church: A Relationship
  4.  Church: It's Work & Worship
  5.  The Church and You
  6.  He Lifted Me From Myself
  7.  He Lifted Me From Bondage
  8.  He Lifted Me To Spirituality
  9.  He Lifted Me From Selfishness
10.  He Lifted Me To Commitment
11.  He Lifted Me From Doubt
12.  He Lifted Me To Forgiveness
13.  He Lifted Me In Love
  Sermons by Ed Harrell
  1.  Authority: If Not God, Who?
  2.  Authority: Learning From O.T.
  3.  He Lifted Me To A Hope Of Heaven
  4.  He Lifted Me To Freedom & Life
  5.  He Lifted Me From Worldliness
  Sermons by Various Other Preachers
  1.  Church: Introduction (Ron Higgins)
  2.  Authority: Introduction (Ray Vaughn)
  3.  Authority: Obedience (David Barnes)
  4.  Authority: Interpreting Bible (Ed Sanderson)
  5.  Authority: To Him Be Glory (Don Wilson)
  6.  Be An Example In Word (Ray McClendon)
  7.  Be An Example In Conversation (Brent Willy)
  8.  Be An Example In Love (Robert Hudson)
  9.  Be An Example In Spirit (Don Partain)
10.  Be An Example In Faith (Tim Hale)
11.  Be An Example In Purity (Ken Marrs)