2002  Miller  Avenue  Lectures,  San Jose,  California
Melvin Curry  &  Harry Pickup  Jr.
  Sermons by Melvin Curry
  1.  God Speaks In Scripture
  2.  God Foretells The Future
  3.  God Revealed In History
  4.  God Loves The World
  5.  God Demands Righteousness
  6.  God Makes All Things Possible
  7.  The Rise Of Unbelief
  8.  God Loves The World
  9.  The Unknown God
10.  The Failure Of Humanism
11.  Only One Right Way
12.  The God Who Raises The Dead
Sermons by Various Other Preachers  
1. The Role Of Miracles (Brent Willey)
2. The Role Of Moral Purity (Zach Echols)
  Sermons by Harry Pickup
  1.  Where Men Can Stand Safely
  2.  Affected By Carelessness
  3.  When Trust Is Tried
  4.  Weariness From Serving
  5.  Suffering For Doing Right
  6.  When Hope Is Delayed
  7.  For Help: Present Truth
  8.  For Help: Almighty God
  9.  For Salvation: Jesus Christ
10.  For Security: The Gospel
11.  For Fellowship: The Church
12.  For Steadfastness: The Hope Of Glory
  Sermons by Various Other Preachers
  3. The Problem Of Evil (Bob West)
  4. Doctrinal Accuracy (Dave Posey)